Frequently Ask Questions

Polaris advisor is an online Robo Risk Advisor which provides automated, algorithm-based portfolio risk advice without the intervention of human financial planners. It uses the same portfolio management tools as traditional financial advisors.
Risk management plays an ultimate role in long-term investment. Polaris Algo Advisor quantifies the investment risk and keeps the risk level in bay even in the rapid moving market by on-demand portfolio rebalancing.
Based on users' asset allocation pre-defined strategy, Polaris Algo Advisor give stock trading advices to rebalance the portfolio so that assets are allocated accordingly. It manages/controls the investment with widely accepted risk management measures, including 1) investment exposure 2) diverfication 3) Stop-loss 4) portfolio re-balancing.
We beleive all long-term investors should do risk management for their stock portfolio.
Polaris is designed for both non-professional investors and professionals in mind. It is intuitive and simple to use. As long as you can know what it is and how it control your investment risk, you could use it. Otherwise, stop using Polaris.
Three allocation strategies are available. 1) Average (Naive Diverification) : suitable for new investors. 2) Manual : Those who want absolutely control on stocks' weighting. 3) Progressive : Those who want to take up more risk.
Polaris is a portfolio management app with priority on risk management. Our investment rules is : to control your investment risk.
We focus on Hong Kong stock market as we believe it is in a sweet spot of the investment world in the coming decades. At this stage, we do only Hong Kong Market.
Yes, Other than professional services. Polaris Advisor is free to use at your own risk.
If you have a valid facebook account, you can use Polaris Advisor as a visitor. If not, you can still access the Top Stocks page which show major KPIs of Hong Kong stocks, including anuual return, risk, Sharpe Ratio and Alpha.
We do not collect your personal data nor your access activities data
The One-Touch advise feature enable you to swiftly response with the market with immeidate trading advice via email.

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